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Chocolate Lovers Treasure

Box of dry fruits and nuts mix 45gr Pack of toffee covered roasted almonds 47gr Toblerone milk chocolate 100gr Toblerone dark chocolate 100gr Box of Walkers Pure Butter Cookies 45gr Gourmet bar of dark chocolate 100gr Box of chocolates Ferrero Rocher 150gr Box of gourmet salted crackers 57gr Gourmet bar of almond chocolate 100gr Box of gourmet chocolate wafers 30gr Pirouline Rolled Wafers 92gr Box of cashew chocolate toffees 30gr Box of chocolate chips cookies 56gr Chocolate covered pretzels 45gr Box of gourmet breadsticks 60gr Pack of gourmet cookies 60gr Pack of brownie chocolate chip 30gr Box of gourmet european style cookies 56gr Box of gourmet milk chocolate 100gr Pack of chocolate covered nuts 45gr Pack of gourmet truffles 30gr Box of gourmet apple cinnamon cookies 113gr Pack of gourmet ground coffee 100gr Box of gourmet vanilla cookies 65gr Gift wrapped in a chest or a gift box

Geneve flowers  -  Chocolate Lovers Treasure Flower Bouquet/Arrangement Product Code: 10739
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